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Scott Standerfer

Scott brings over 30 years of experience in both the public and private sectors and has developed relationships across the globe that can be used to the benefit Red Mat clientele. He’s an avid sportsman whose activities include serving as a coach in the USA Softball program. He’s married to his wife, Lisa, and has three adult sons.

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Laura Guthrie

Laura has over 21 years of experience working with closely held business owners to establish and maintain planning strategies for business growth, operations, financial, tax reduction and succession plans. She works to identify and generate capital, streamline operations, cash flow management and strategic business direction for business owners. Prior to that time, she worked in areas of employment, marketing and sales for a Fortune 100 company. Laura’s background in these areas provides knowledge and experience in a wide variety of business areas, including accounting, finance, marketing and sales, employment and human relations. Laura has provided service to clients in many areas, including risk management, IRS negotiation, coordination and negotiation of software development contracts, estate and gift tax calculations and strategies, and working with the charitable enterprises of her clients. She has served as Managing Partner of a risk management and business consulting firm, Chief Operating Officer of a financial services training firm, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Advisory Board Member of multiple direct sales organizations and is a Director and Partner in Red Mat Media.

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Tim Lyon

Tim has over 25 years of magazine publishing experience in his capacity as a management coach for company leaders in the publishing and printing industry.

Tim leads clients in any and all publishing and printing areas. Specializing in postal permits, advertising sales, marketing plans, circulation audits, print contracts. Tim handles all printing and vendor contracts as well as all financial matters for all of his past and current clients. His professional career started in the field of banking which provided him with exceptional experience in the financial marketplace. When Tim left the banking industry he held the position of Corporate Vice President at First Bank of San Luis Obispo. Tim graduated from the California School of Banking and holds a B.S. degree in Financial Management from Brigham Young University with a minor in Accounting.

Greg Downs

Greg has over 10 years of design experience in nearly every facet of design, from signage to web properties to advertising. His professional career started in the sign industry and then branched out to other areas of print and web design. He has built his career with such high profile clients as Apolo Anton Ohno, Ashlan Gorse, Josh Burkman, and products such as 8zone. Handling every aspect of client design, Greg is always prepared for new design possibilities. “Nothing’s impossible, its all just a matter of resources” is a motto he likes to operate by that has brought him much success. He is ready to meet your every design need and help you think of a few you didn’t even realize you had! Bring your thinking cap and a Twinkie! This is going to be a fun ride.

Trevor Lyon

While in school studying Visual Merchandising Trevor took a graphic design class and fell in love. Learning how all the mediums such as art, type, photography, and web design can come together as one he knew what he wanted to do. A 2012 graduate, Trevor brings a fresh young outlook to the Red Mat design team and with his desire to learn and grow will continue to help the company move forward to a bright future.

Ivan Weller

Rounding out the design team, Ivan brings a modern, cutting edge flair to Red Mat Media. With a university education and a background in high-end photography and post production, Ivan strives to produce results that reflect only the most up-to-date trends in design.