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EyeCU2 Collaborates with Red Mat Media


SALT LAKE CITY, UT —Red Mat Media, leaders in custom print, digital and mobile solutions, is pleased to announce a collective agreement and collaboration with NJ Mitchell, acommunications consultant and Co-principal of the up-and-coming hemp wares e-store EyeCU2.co. In the role of a leader ofPersonal Development Writing Team, NJ works with Red Mat Media to bring on board and promote respected authors of personal growth books; articles and essays in order to share customized personal development content in digital form. Red Mat Media has developed a mobile app Personal Development that features the digital version of the content for Apple iPad and it is live now.


NJ Mitchell

NJ Mitchell is a Communication Practitioner Consultant specializing in personal development coaching and leadership seminars. NJ is also Co-principal of EyeCU2.co, an e-store that focuses on sharing quality, sustainable T-shirt wares (and other ‘wears’) made of earth-friendly hemp, emblazoned with a message intended to elicit smile. Throughout her website, EyeCU2.co promotes Smileology, the art of smiling, living positively and achieving your best—naturally.


EyeCU2.co selected hemp for its wares because hemp has been cultivated hemp since the dawnof agriculture, with humanity producing foodclothingpaperrope and medicine, to name just afew important uses. Hemp has a noteworthconnection to American history. Jamestowcolonists and their indigenous neighbors both grew hemp, as did the Puritans. Latersome earned a good living growing hemp on their farms and plantations. The speedy clipper ships of the 1800s depended on hemp for sails, rigging and oakum. The canvas that covered pioneer wagons was made from hemp. The etymology of “canvas” traces to the Latin and Greek words fohemp.During the era of the California gold rush, Levi Strauss sold pants made from hemp. Even as recentlas the 1940sthe U.S. government produced a film entitled Hemp for Victorto encourage American farmers to grow hemp for the war effort. Todayexperts from many disciplines recognize hemp production provides a valuable resource that is sustainable and renewable.


At EyeCU2, we want everyone to wear a smile because we believe smiling is a fashion statement that transcends all peoples, cultures and eras. We call that our Smileospohy,” says NJ.


The power of positive thinking manifests itself in the simplest and most powerful of acts—a smile. Wearing a smile is always good style and one size fits all! A smile abounds with infinite potential as it holds the power to break the ice and warm hearts. A smile revives hope and bestows charity. Best of all, a smile is laughter’s trusted ambassador and it can always be shared!Be true to your smile and you will feel and see the positive that manifests in your lifeOurfounding motto is Hemp! Hemp! Hooray! EyeCU2ers prefer to present our pro-smile agenda via hemp products, because hemp is a part of humanity’s ancient wisdom. Zend-Avesta,” says NJ.


NJ Mitchell is a communication Practitioner Consultant who holds a BA in Speech Communication and is an MBA graduate. She specializes in Leadership Communication and Personal Development Coaching. NJ co-authored 77 Best Way to Communicate in 7 Steps andWake Up Women, Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy and also collaborated with California Medical Association on the importance of effective communication in the 2011, 2012 Child & Adolescent Obesity Provider ToolkitNJ also partners with LEADright as a Communication Practitioner Consultant. She is former Vice President of Operations and Marketing at Human Communication Institute, LLC, where the philosophy of bringing the art and science of communication to the forefront of relationship development and organizational effectiveness is paramount. NJ is a dynamic empowerment speaker and workshop trainer with passion for teaching the power in words. An animated and inspirational person, she has held acting roles in Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Act of Valor, HBO’s Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Accustomed to working before an audience, she has also appeared on TV, Theater Stage and in motion films. She presents exhilarating workshops to teach people to live life positively—by choice.


“My workshops are a multi-sensory experience, often remembered with the laughter ofrecognition; the participating art of awareness; and the empowering experience of one’s ability to own his or her own words. I engage my pupils in the Dream Book Dialogue or what I refer to asthe science of perception and understanding the wisdom of speaking your life as if it already is.My training focuses on taking charge of manifesting the life one wantsI like to inspire people to be their best by teaching and practicing the “Have a wonderful day, it’s always your choice” mindset,” says Mitchell.


ABOUT EYECU2.COOffering personal development advice, seminars and materials, as well as quality sustainable, earth-friendly hemp products, EyeCU2 is a womanaged enterprise. NJ (a woman) and SA (a man) somehow womanaged to weave a loose collection of dubious ideas into a real, entrepreneurial garment. Almost like 3D printing, but messier. The point is, while busy braiding and pleating, NJ and SA discovered that womanagement works and wears. Call it the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, or the yin complimenting the yang (and vice versa), womanagement gets the job done better. We produce fine quality T-shirts made with hemp and hemp-blend fabrics thatfeels comfortable against the skin. T-up with EyeCU2! For more information, please visit: www.eyeCU2.co.


ABOUT RED MAT MEDIA: Experts in relationship marketing, Red Mat Media brings a fresh voice, distinctive ideas, innovative concepts, and positive messaging to customized print, digital, audio, mobile, and visual communications. From award-winning websites, digital publications, mobile tagging, and mobile apps, we deliver a portfolio of custom communications tools that strengthen current relationships and form successful new alliances. Our clients receive the benefits of exceptionally high editorial and design standards, savvy business development and creative teams, and an advanced technology infrastructure that enables clients to manage, track, and analyze the success of targeted relationships. For more: www.redmatmedia.com.


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